The Mugumo Tree Has Fallen

A Mugumo treee has fallen in Nyeri, with only weeks to go to Kenya’s Presidential elections, and “experts” are agreed that it portends change of direction (an ituita, excuse my spelling). Some say it would be a change of the Presidency from Old to Young; others say it’d be a change from East to West (Kenya). Among my people, it is as ominous as Arum Tidi, the bad bird, visiting the land, spooking sick elders, making them choke amid the soupy meals. Believe what you may, but Kenya’s election will urser in changes, with a new Majimbo constitution(we’re back to KADU’s 1963). We all know that there will be change by mid year, even without the Migumo tree splitting and coughing up a snake! So fellow Kenyans, don’t chew your spleen and liver over this event. The choice is in your hands. Vote wisely, vote in peace!

This photo comes from The East African Standard, Feb 5, 2013


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