It is almost one year since JR Alila completed the writing of  the novel, THE LUO DREAMERS’ ODYSSEY: FROM THE SUDAN TO AMERICAN POWER. The title announces that the author asserts a prophetic explanation to fact that a Luo man is the current President of the United States. The author also asserts that this event was seen coming by others before, specifically what has become known as the Owalo Prophecy of 1912/13. The word Odyssey tells a story of perils and survival along the way. The author necessarily answers the question, “Who are the Luo?” The author reminds us that Kenyan Luo moved away from their Sudanese Roots. They are a Sudanese Diaspora like the current occupant of the Presidency. He reminds us that the reason the Kenyan Luo moved so far south from Sudan has to do with what happened among  the Ramogi brothers in the old Sudan. The brothers fought over a spear and a bead which ended in…

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