Why are these Kenyan Ministers Acting Presidential?

A number of Kenyan Ministers and MPs (Members of the Alliance)executed a mini regional shuttle diplomacy into Uganda, the land of the late Idi Amin, and Tanzania. The delegation led by Mr. William Ruto appeared to be molded on a Moi political book, going by who was in it and who wasn’t: Coast, Western, RV, North Eastern, Eastern were well-represented. Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Kalonzo must be wondering what is going on. Mr. Odinga appeared to have know what was afoot. Agwambo was in Ruto’s “political backyard” receiving redefectors as Ruto’s delegation dined in Uganda and then Tanzania, and he has been seen inside every known political beehive in Kenya “cutting the dog” (forgive my Luo spiritual sense) with previously declared foes, and even going into record books as the first Prime Ministerof Kenya to have visited a Nairobi comedy den, his whole family in tow. These exploits appear to have given his opponents sleepless nights. But would any Kenyan run for the Presidency with help from Tanzania and Uganda? Haven’t the latter land of Museveni entertained hegemonistic interest on Kenya’s fishing waters in Lake Victoria, where its militia and police pilliage Kenyan Fishermen at will against constant protests from Nairobi? Why would a sane Kenyan politican seek Mr. Museveni’s blessings to run for President? Or do the Kenyan political magicians think that this move would rattle Agwambo wuo Odinga? As I said before in this blog, fighting with Agwambo can be traumatic, leading his victims to behave like political novices. The reported Museveni’s pieces of counsel to the group to seek “to be self-reliant” and aim “to reconcile Kenyans” were to the point.

OR is this about Ocampo’s ICC politics? Did some of these Kenyan politicians, who were in the delegation, know who really was driving their political vehicle? 

 http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id=2000037469&cid=4&ttl=Why Ruto is courting Museveni and Kikwete


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