Dare Call Me Ethnic Writer

Many have swept most black African writers, Ethnic Writers. Do not call me one; I am black; I write about human issues. If I must wear my Luo goggles to view a particular issue, I will. But I’m not an “ethnic writer.” If “The Luo Dreamers’ Odyssey” stokes a few feel-good Luo sentiments, it is because the the journey of the hero, President Hassan Ajwang, ends with him as the leader of the world; he has roots in Luo land. The novel (historical allegorical parody) captures the views of a world citizen who happens to be a Luo.

JR Alila

http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id= 2000006092&cid=291&story=Do we have a place for ‘ethnic writers’?


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