THE LUO DREAMERS’ ODYSSEY: From the Sudan to American Power (A Novel)

The only book (allegorical and historical) with a visionary look into the journey that is the Obama Presidency. Read Chapter 28 ( A significant Event) to appreciate what happened in the world today; the killing of Osama Bin Laden.



 A Significant Event


Washington, D.C., 2012



On New Years Eve, early in the morning, the President visited his study to while time as he waited for any information about Shark. He had been briefed about the demise of the fugitive, but it was taking time to extract Shark and his team of commandos from the strike zone. President Ajwang’, picked up a book, one of his publications, flipped through it for a minute before returning it to its place in the bookshelf. Having failed to get what he needed, his mind started to drift back and forth about the state of the world that Sunday, when a familiar voice, a male voice called through the doorway to his study.

Mr. President?”. The President knew it was from Ziki, the White House Chief of Staff, except the bearer’s tone betrayed some excitement.

What is it on a Sunday morning, Ziki?” the President asked without turning around from a window where he had stood admiring a laminated photograph of the First Lady he carried for luck.

The Priest, Mr. President.”

What Priest, Ziki?”

This is Shark, Mr. President,” a second voice came, which forced the President blood’s to suddenly warm up. It too forced the President to turn around in excitement.

Why the excitement?

Officially, Shark, the Deputy National Security Advisor had been posted as a Special Envoy to Darfur and Congo with a mission to solidify gains made in the administration’s aggressive efforts to bring lasting peace in the two largest regions in Africa, and had an office in Nairobi. Shark’s actual mission was deep covert and top secret. The Colonel was back in uniform. Mission Location: somewhere in the world. Mission: Hunting down enemies of the United States of America. That had been two months before.

Mr. Chief of Staff, do you want to give us exactly one minute alone?”


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