Author Joseph Ramogi Alila

Author Joseph R Alila was born in in 1956 in Ndhiwa, Kenya, among the Luo people of Nyanza region. A graduate of Education, Social sciences and Chemistry, Dr. Alila has written several anthropological novels about the Luo marriage experience, visiting current themes such as polygamy and diseases epidemics (“Sunset on Polygamy”), widow inheritance and diseases epidemics (“The Thirteenth Widow”), widow inheritance and clan stability and growth (“Whisper to My Aching Heart”). JR Alila’s other works reflect on his world spiritual journey (“The Milayi Curse;” “The Choirmaster;” “Sins of Our Hearts“). In some of his writings, JR Alila has struggled with the politics of ethnicity and spirituality in Kenya (“The Wise One of Ramogiland;” “Rateng’ and Bride”). Finally, a number of novels and one poem capture JR Alila’s world journey as “a Diaspora man and world citizen” caught in the thrill of Obamaism (“Not on My Skin;” “Thirteen Curses on Mother Africa [epic poem];” “The American Polygamist;” “The Luo Dreamers’ Odyssey: From the Sudan to American Power”). In the new novel, BITHRIGHT, JR Alila looks at ‘Luo birthright’ as an imperfect spiritual vehicle to power and privilege in a polygamous Luo home.

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