Kenyan Politician: It is Political Cruntch Time

It is crunch  time in Kenyan politics; 2012 is upon us. Warrior A from L House is vying for the “Premiership,” his following in L House is rock solid; his national image is emerge immense. But Kenya is a tribal animal, and the rules of the hunt have changed recently; the politics of patronage and “ndeta to ndeti” (grease my palm as I grease yours) is a thing of the past. Even then tribe still dominates the political DNA of Kenyans. Who is Warrior A of L House going to form a partnership as a running mate? Is Warrior B of K House or Warrior C of KK House, either of whom come from voter-rich areas, the ideal running mate? Must warrior A worry about the moral credentials of either Warriors B or C or should he tap into the fanatic following Warrior C enjoys from KK House? Can Warior B, a man of royal blood, tranfer the loyalty of his voters to Warrior A? There will be a lot of dead political stars in Kenya’s gallaxy after 2012, that is a given, thanks to new rules of the political game, and a man known as Ocampo and his ICC Judges. But as a political counselor, what must the Wise One tell politicians whose stars are runing out of the metaphorical fusion-fuel gas? Such are the issues the Wise One has to struggle with as she midwifes politicians in political peril.

Read JR Alila’s The Wise One of Ramogiland (A Novel)


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