Kenya: A New Constitutional Order!

By 2:1, Kenyans have voted for a new Constitution and future. But we must continue along the path of peace as we untangle from the old system and weave a new social, political and economic fabric. Each Kenyan must know their role in the new dispensation, because it is the governed in whom the strength of a democracy lies. The Kenyan electorate is well-informed; the numbers are there. Let us move on and up together. Remember, if you have the drive to lead, the County is the place you want to be–Your County needs your resourcefulness, Nairobi is but a place for national reconciliation; diffused power that is what the new political order means. Let’s roll our sleeves and do our part.

As we move forward, let’s not forget where we were just over two years ago; let’s not forget those who have over the decades lost their lives in search of a just sociopolitical order; and let no forget the role of Dr Annan and his team of Eminent Persons. They set us on a path of reconciliation; let’s continue to follow the path of peace. We know that the ghosts of the last elections have not been exorcised yet: Internal Refugees are still in Camps; Ocampo has yet to open cases against those who were adversely mentioned in the tragic events of 2007/2008. Yet we believe that this Referendum sets us, as Kenyans, a long a path to peace. Let’s sieze the moment and make Kenya an orderly place by jealously guarding this document during the implementation phase.

Fellow Kenyans, leaders come and go but Kenya remains. We spoke for peace and the way forward at the Constitution Referendum. There is no other way to spin the results when over 70% of the registered voters came out and voted and over 66% said YES, and even those who said NO agreed with >90% of the document.


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