Kenyan Referendum: VOTE KENYA, VOTE YES!

I feel giddy! I feel giddy because I am aliving history of the Kenyan Nation. I feel giddy because I am voting a NEW more orderly Kenya.

When I was born in 1956, my father was a colonial policeman; the only reason he conscripted was because he ran away from the village to avoid HUT TAX. My father came from a warrior seed; his father died fighting in the First World War, his younger brother died fighting in the Second World War. So going to Nairobi from Korondo Village was not that alien; my grandfather and uncles had paved the path with their blood, fighting an enemy who was not theirs. I was born virtually free, because by the time I was old enough to know what was happening, UHURU!!! rent the air. My mother was in KANU; my stepmothers were in KADU; my father was a policeman, neutral. They set the tables for me to preach peace and reconciliation.

Fifty Four years later, my generationis still virtually free; they are still subjects of a constituion with entrenched colonial statutes in it. We are freeing ourselves in a days time! We vote YES for personal as well as collective freedom as Kenyans.


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