The Way of the Wise

As it happens in every battle, famed warriors often watch the end on the sidelines. That was the case for Kibaki in 2003, when his shield and lance were carried by one “unbwogable” warrior known as Agwambo (the unknowable). Today, as the Referendum Bus speeds toward its last checkpoint, Agwambo watches from the sidelines, cheering, commanding his forces, yet restrained by orders to stay out, because, like we privately joke, the battlefield and the rules of engagement necessitates that he watches from the sidelines. Second it is human to do that, and do it with humility, even as he urges the other warriors to carry the bride across the last river. The men of the God call it the hand of God at work.

Our prayers for the Premier’s quick recovery.

Joseph R. Alila

Author: RATENG’ AND BRIDE (a poem).


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