Ways of the Wise

Stories are told of a man who had six sons, all of whom were fierce warriors. Their presence in the battle field often assured the Jokamlai clan-victory in several wars of the century before. Now, when it came time to share the spoils of war, the father of the warriors habitually grabbed a lot of animal wealth, and so did other warriors. In the process they had left the Seer of the day with a pittance comprising undernourished old cows, just skins and  skeletons, with neither economic nor nutritional value. Now, when the Seer complained (only privately for Seers occupied a unique space among ordinary humans) about  the quality and quantity of his share, the man posed the  question, “Can a Seer win a war without the  strength of the  arms of Warrior Sons?” (That the Seer had no sons only  made the comment the more poignant and toxic).


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