Have some sections of the church in Kenya become another political party or are they fronting for some prince or princess? If they are a political party, they should play by the rules and respect the role of parliament in a democracy. Whenever some members of the clergy talk these days, they sound angry. That is not good for the church. Now How dare the clergy threaten to alter the Draft Constitution in some “smoke-filled” chamber somewhere on Harambee Avenue and then demand that Parliament rubberstamps the altered document unchanged. Brothers and sisters, Kenya is for all Kenyans, atheists and all. The current document recognizes that.

Needless to repeat here, the road to the Referendum was defined by an ACT of Parliament two years ago (which the church wants repealed at this late hour), and the vehicle is now on autodrive. Mr. Odinga and Mr. Kibaki are just passengers in the vehicle enjoying the ride to the referendum.

The difficulty the church faces is that it has no formula to reconcile Majimboists, anti-Kadhi Courts sentiments, and anti-Female Reproduction demands by sections of Kenyans. Moving any stone in the draft document will kill it.

Don’t mistake me: Members of the clergy have every right to campaign for a NO Vote, but not from the pulpit if the churches have to remain sacred. Believers don’t want YES-NO shouting matches in their houses of worship, neither do they want to be forced to vote with their wallets and purse-strings.

Read this: fails to cedes ground in draft talks


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