“The Train Has Left Station.” It can only stop at the next station, of course unless some bad boys derail it in Laini Saba Kebera. Sorry alien, I’m echoing the words of  one Kenyan Patriot, Mr. Raila Odinga, The Hon Prime Minister and MP of Kibera, Nairobi. This wise son of Odinga has seen a lot in Kenyan politics, and has been at the receiving end of political chicanery, including various detentions without trial and electoral malpractices. Enemy or friend of Agwambo son of Mibei aka Jamba (or Jambi in Mombasa) listen to what he says. The train is Kenyan Draft Constitution 2010; its destination is the Public referendum where Kenyans will say YES to it or NO to it (if they like the status quo). It is as simple as that. So when your priest or pastor says that it can be stopped by either Mr. Odinga or Mr. Kibaki raising a red flag, they are not being frank with you. Mr Odinga did not set the rules of the game. Mr, Kibaki did not set the rules: the experts set the rules, and the only body that could have amended the draft was parliament, but it failed to do so by its members voting with their feet, whenever the various “contentious issues” came up for a vote. I call your MPs cowards! So my brothers and sisters, let’s go to the polls and vote this little baby in; it can’t be worse that the old one! Moreover, we can nurture it and amend it after we cross Lake Lolwe, anyuongi (water hyacinth) allowing.

JR Alila (Author, Senate Candidate for 2017. You see, I’m also a coward!)


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