JR Alila’s Poetry collection, THIRTEEN CURSES ON MOTHER AFRICA, is a sociopolitical commentary on the plethora of maladies, natural and manmade, and their burdens on the African continent. It is the poet’s contention that most of Africa’s problems arise from the loss of the sense of “Africanness” (moral code). Others arise from a synergist effect of a conflagration of global factors; yet others are natural or geographical. One must mourn for: The Longsuffering African Woman. The child mothers. The child soldiers. The horrors of war. The curse of globalization. The curse of oil and gems. The curse of poverty. The curse of disease and hunger. The curse of Ebony’s ureliable alien lovers. One must wonder whether Africa is under a continent-wide curse. In a continent where the cell phone is everywhere, why are there no passable roads and clean water? In this era of a virtual economy, why is Africa still bartering her diamonds and tea for cell phones? And where is Africa’s son AU?


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