Spirituality, Marriage and Leadership

To a Luo man or woman, contesting a political seat is like the marriage process; it requires dialogue and understanding between partners. When the man or woman finally rounds up the bride or bridegroom, the process of being married sets in. The man and the woman must deliver the promised goods: love, children, and nourishment for marriage. Like a houseplant it has to be watered and nourished constantly lest inattention sets in and the spiritual fabric that binds man to woman gets frayed.

The same applies to politics. The politician has to deliver the promises made during campaigns, and since the seat belongs with the people, the politician must constantly communicate with his or her electors, must water the engine of growth and renew the pledge with the voters; he or she must, amid crisis, return to the electorate and ask where he or she missed the essence of leadership or failed to do the people’s will.

The Luo believe that leadership, however we view it and whatever the route to it, always has a Divine aspect to it because we as human beings are a product of a divine experience. Man or woman in a leadership crisis must learn to be alone for meditation, fasting and prayer, even before huddling together with a spiritual advisor. Such a man or woman is a wise leader and will not do anything that would harm his or her people.


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