SINS OF OUR HEARTS (a novella) on Amazon Kindle

A young Pastor, Rew Smith, leads the affluent Oakpound New Hope Church. Things appear well in Pastor Smith’s Church, but underneath the glitter of its architecture and human faces, it has a deep spiritual problem. Simply put, the church suffers from a shortage of love. New converts are called names and go unattended to as the young Pastor spends most of his evenings at Oakpound Big Boys Health and Fitness Club. Elders in his Lay Leadership bask in self-praise, and exude a form of spirituality that has no force of love behind it. Led by Mrs. Smith, some members of the Women Wing have introduced a controversial Foot-Washing method for its convenience, but in which the virtues of humility and selfless love are virtually dead. Oakpound New Hope Church, is crying for Divine intervention, and it is about to get it.


5 thoughts on “SINS OF OUR HEARTS (a novella) on Amazon Kindle

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