My Take: Why is PNU insisting on an Imperial President for Kenya?

The last electoral crisis in Kenya was the result of an imperial Presidency using threats and state resources to declare itself the winner even when the prevailing trend indicated otherwise. In a three-party election, it is rare for a party to get under 25% of seats yet have its candidate win by over 40%. That was Kenya at the end of December 2007 elections.

There is something PNU knows and is perfecting in readiness for 2012. And that something can only work to elect an imperial President, who can dish out state goodies, directly. The Stalemated computerized Census Data could be part of the PNU Scheme.

Why is PNU insisting that the current Constitution must stay in force until after the 2012 election? For PNU’s arithmetic to work in 2012, the current constitution must stay in force undiluted because it needs an imperial hand to shepherd it. A new electoral body is not enough to prevent the repeat of the fiasco of December 2007.

CoE and PSP. do your job, and let Kenyans decide at the referendum. disowns Revised Draft, says it was doctored


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