It is a few days before the public review and submissions period on the Harmonized Draft Constitution ends. After that, the Committee of experts (CoE) is supposed to write a Draft Constitution for a public referendum by all Kenyans next year. As usual, ODM and PNU have not agreed on the contentious issue of the Power of the Executive(PM vs President, on one hand , and Parliamentary vs Presidential Systems of Government, on the other.) Such disagreement are normal in a multiparty system, in which there are self-interested leaders with big egos. The idea that the CoE would take a document already agreed on (behind closed doors) to the people to approve is ridiculous. Let the CoE incorporate the best ideas from Kenyans (including those from the major parties), and take it to the people. That is democracy! Backroom Deals between the leaders in PNU and ODM will never be good for Kenyans. Let PNU and ODM present their individual views to the CoE, and let the CoE do the harmonization. Kenya is not about particular leaders. It is for Kenyans. Let Kenyans vote on the CoE draft. If it fails, it fails.  A Powerful Presidency caused all the politically sanctioned abuses in Kenya since Independence 46 years ago. Let us move on to a system with constitutionally enforceable clear checks and balances!  Members of CoE, The Hour is Upon Us, do not shirk your responsibilities, and spare no holy cows!!! You owe it to the Internally Displaced Persons and victims of political violence, dead or alive.


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