KENYA: NCCK Divided on The Draft Constitution

In the middle of Public Review of Kenya’s Draft Constitution, a church body, NCCK, is a divided house. The church body has refused to assume an apolitical posture. NCCK advocates either a Parliamentary (this is new but was there at indipendence) or a Presidential system (this already messed up Kenya for years) of government, and want both systems to be put to a public referendum (where it would preach to it’s church-membership on how to vote). NCCK wants “Atieno” and “Wanjiku” in the village to decide what has defeated tribalized academicians and men of the Pulpit!

On the Parliamentary System NCCK wants Parliamentary Constituencies scrapped, and force the voter to vote for one man, The Party Leader, and a group of leaders, who then will be alloted seats depending on how many votes his or her Party gets (per province?). NCCK is trying to achieve, by this exotic scheme, what is known as “universal suffrage” which Central Kenya MPS have been clamoring for, but which the Constituency Boundary Review experts cannot give them, within the framework of a complex regional tribal arithmetic.

If NCCK feels that some areas are underrepresented in the current Parliament, it should say so instead of doing a novel form of what Americans call gerimeendering from the pulpit.


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