KENYA: A Sanitized Presidency

Looking at the Constitutional Draft for the post-Annan/Waki-Kenya, one gets the feeling that the authors, borrowing from BOMAS (Rest in Peace to the fallen like Mbai and Ombaka), intended to diffuse power and improve accountability at every level of government. They have made sure that the Presidency is less attractive, and the Prime Minister is impeachable. Those opposing the Draft argue that it does not reward the Presidency who would be elected through direct ballot, but that is the drafters’ point. Let the Presidency be the place where a Kenyan can run to when the Prime Minister and his cabinet have failed. Let him be the Levitcal Priest (sorry ladies)at whose feet sin is thrown for abolition with little to gain except state dinners. Let him or her be the one who handles State Matters as politicians throw mud at one another; let him or her be the one who handles external aggressors. The idea that the Presidency is the benefactor, a man or woman who sleeps with moneybags and Land Title Deeds under his bed to give to homeboys and homegirls and just any political landgrabber with his or her fingers in state-coffers, is what has made Kenyan politicians killers during campaigns.
Protect the office of the Presidency by removing him or her from the filth of day-to-day governance so that Kenyans can have at least one sane stately individual who can judge when the country is in the wrong direction. Mr. Moi can run for this sanitized office again, because he sounds to me to be the only one with some level of sanity at the moment.

JR Alila (Author: RATENG’ AND BRIDe,


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