Kenya’s Political Vultures

Maybe this is not the note with which to walk into America’s Thanksgiving day with. But back in Kenya, Political Vultures are gathering over The Great Rift Valley, where votes are won or lost over the perils of Internally displaced Persons (IDPS) and Mau Evictees. The former were victims of post-election violence, the latter are victims of a recent cabinet decision to clear Mau Forest (a Water catchment zone that feeds most Kenyan Rivers and lakes) of people. As it turns out, and as is always the case in Kenyan politics, one other victim is the Prime Minister, Mr Odinga, the man who must enforce cabinet decisions, in this case the evacuation and restoration of the Mau, pleasnat or not. The vultures here are the usual suspect: Mr. Kenyatta, Mr. Rutto and their buddy, Mr. Kalonzo the Vice President—a man who gave Mr. Kibaki his party and MPs and a moral legitimacy to stay on as President as Kenyans fought a senseless bloody war over the validity of the corrupted results of the last election. Now Mr. Kalonzo sees a divided Rift Valley with its historical problems and its maltitudes of helpless displaced persons as the stepping stones to his presidential victory in 2012. Mr. Kalonzo is reported to be heading there with his friends Ruto and Kenyatta (he calls them the “KKK brigade”) to raise funds for the Mau Evacuees—telling them, “your government does not love you”—yet he is part of the same government that has failed to allocate money to relocate the same evacuees. Mr. VP, this is political vulturism and preying on the suffering of human souls at its best.
Kenyans, wake up!

Watch this space:

Watch this space: Raila losing grip of Rift Valley?


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