Kenyan’s Possible Rendezvous with Hague Justice

Kenya at the Crossroads

Kenya at the Crossroads

Kenyans who have been looking for justice must be smiling. Well, most of those “accused” cried for Hague Justice too. Justice, fairly applied, liberates even those found guilty as charged. There will be political ramifications. But justice is nobler than all conveniences. Give the Hague a chance. Lets not be distracted by those who live by the sword, who are now crying loudest for non-Hague (corrupted) forms of Justice. Lets give Kenyans a chance to move on in peace.

JR Alila


One thought on “Kenyan’s Possible Rendezvous with Hague Justice

  1. With Hon Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo declaring that only the ICC can handle cases of politicized criminality after Kenya’s corrupted Presidential Elections, Hague’s Prosecutor General Ocampo lands in Kenya soon. Check this space.

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