Text Message Politics: A Kenyan Lesson

Kenyan politicians, watch out. There is some one more scary that Ringera’s KAAC, more secretive that Githogo, louder than Kamotho, more enigmatic than Raila Agwambo Odinga. That someone is the empowered electorate wielding a cellphone while out in the shamba, or in the fields with cattle, in his boat fishing Omena in the dead of night.

The story goes that Mr. Ruto, the Agriculture Minister and Mr. Kenyatta the Finance Minister had schemed to barter-trade with the Rifty Valley and Central Kenya MPs over the Mau Saga (which Ruto wanted scuttled) and Kibaki’s Ringera Appointment (Which Mr. Kenyatta wanted backed). The story goes that Mr. Kenyatta delivered his side of the bargain, supported motions to sweeten the Mau Deal to the liking of Mr. Ruto and his friends, but when the Ringera Vote came up late at night, Mr. Ruto and his MPs were nowhere in the August House. Parliament proceeded to give Mr. Kibaki the equivalent of a Red Card in Soccer.

Rumours have it that Mr. Ruto and his MPs received a lot of cellphone calls and text messages that their Mailboxes got full. Each message  was clear, “Toe the ODM Party line, the party knows what is good for the party and Kenyans.”

The cellphone saved the day, again. Remember in 2007 the text message was the antidote to the Government’s Propaganda Machine!

The people have spoken.


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