Kenya-USA Love Affair

JRAlilaTheLuoDreamers'OdysseyEven in the middle of a contentious situation in governance and public accountability in Kenyan politics, the United States of America and Western Allies can only nudge carefully for constitutional reforms, because beyond Kenya, the continent of Africa is littered with previous military dictatorships, failed states, active wars and latent hot spots.

That President Obama of the United States has a Kenyan ancestry makes it more urgent that his father’s homeland puts its house in order as a vibrant democracy. But even President Obama can only push so far given the complex ethnic politics of Kenya, which currently pits his Luo cousins against the House of Mumbi and GEMA tribes, with the Kalenjin, Kamba, Luyia, Kisii, and the Coastals offering a moderating influence. That is the reality of Kenyan politics.

Any credible Constitutional Reforms, and the exorcising the country of the demons of the 2007 post-election violence through the reforms of the Judiciary and the police force, will require the collective courage of Parliament, the Prime Minister Odinga, President Kibaki. I cannot name everybody, but Mr. Balala, Mr. Ongeri, Mr. Ruto, Mr. Mudavadi, Mr. Kalonzo, Mr. Saitoti, Mr. Ntimama, Mr. Kenyatta and other leaders must sacrifice their personal political ambitions in order to see a new constitutional order.

The WAKI LIST at the Hague should see the light of day, and credible trials held to assuage those who lost their kin and property in the post-election violence.

Mr. Obama can only nudge Kenya to act, because Kenya is for Kenyans. Our leaders must rise to be counted. This is the hour. Give Mr. Obama a bright spot on the map to point to with pride. That appears to be his plea to the land of his father, even as he cautions Kenyans. reform or face action, says Mrs Clinton


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