Rateng and BrideTwo, in fact three, major political event unfolded in Kenya this week:

1. United States Sec. State; Mrs. Hilary Clinton arrives in Nairobi for an international conference.

2. TJRC commissioners headed by Ambassador Bethwell Kiplangat were sworn in to dig into the truth about historical injustices from independence to date: such as who killed JM Kariuki? Who killed Tom Mboy? Who killed Robert Ouko? Who finances perennial land-related killings? Who were the barons behind the killings and thuggery after the 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections?

3.  At the Hague, Prosecutor Ocampo has acquired the Services two prosecutors: one from DR of Congo and another from New Zealand.

That the International community and Kenya’s Civic Societies are not supporting the Truth and Justice and Reconciliation Commission as the judicial organ to investigate those in the Waki List, means that Mrs. Clinton’s visit to Nairobi will not be a tea drinking celebration of the arrival of President Obama’s Chief Diplomat bringing home a victory flag for Kenya’s most-visible son.

What it means is that the Kibaki-Odinga government is in an uncomfortable international spot. We can only hold our breath. TJRC is essential for Kenya’s long-term peace, but it lacks a pan large enough to fry the big fishes that sponsored chaos after last election of 2007. for justice: Truth commissioners take oath of office


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