President Obama and the Birthers

JRAlilaTheLuoDreamers'OdysseyThe Birthers are a group of Americans who believe or choose to believe that President Barack Husein Obama was born in Kenya, even as Hawaiian Ministry of Health officials have affirmed twice now that Mr. Obama indeed was born in a Hawaii to a Kenyan Father and an American Mother, and therefore he is a natural-born citizen of the United States of America and therefore qualified to be the President of The United States of America.

The Luo from Tanzania to Kenya to Sudan and the Diaspora have embraced President Barack Obama as one of their own, irrespective of where he was born, because a Luo is a Luo as long as his or her father is a Luo. Their intention in identifying with the Number One World Leader is natural, spiritual and inspirational—he is a Luo people’s pride.

The stance of the Birthers is political. They are not after disqualifying Mr. Obama from continuing to be President of the United States. The intention of the Birthers is to maintain a “cloud of doubt” about him and remind people that he is “alien” or “unusual” “exotic”  or “not exactly American” and is not “one of us.”  To achieve their goal, they have kept the courts busy with repeated chain filings on the matter. That this is the strategy—and perhaps a wider partisan strategy–can be gauged by how Republican Politicians respond to the question “Is Obama an America, or was Obama born in America?” Their standard answer is “I can’t tell because I have not seen the birth certificate.”  A Democrat’s standard answer is “Yes, he is American, born in the United States of America.”

Meanwhile, the Luo of Kenya hope to make him Ker when his Presidency is over in 2017.

Read JR Alila’s  THE LUO DREAMERS’ ODYSSEY: FROM THE SUDAN TO AMERICAN POWER for a better understanding of the Luo journey through space and time, and meet Luo wisdom, Luo Prophecies and Spirituality, and dispel myths about this grandson of Ramogi the Great.


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