JRAlilaNotonMySkinA number of Americans must be cursing ‘NOT ON MY SKIN’ after the experience of the highly visible Harvard University professor, Prof. Louis GatesĀ at the hands of Harvard Police. It is the story a black man mistaken for a bugler in his own home, then arrested (then released after a mugshot) after a heated exchange with the police officer. The President of the United States has entered the racially charged debate that has left the wise wondering if the arresting officer had any racial motives or if the Professor had overreacted for being a suspect in his own domicile. We soon will know, but this experience is a reminder that racial prejudices know no bounds and personalities.

Read with me the novel NOT ON MY SKIN by Joseph R Alila ( ) for a better grounding for life in places in which racial and cultural prejudices still thrive even if only in nuances clothed in verbal niceties.


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