Kenyans should be very scared if the KNCHR had input in the waki report. They might have done a good job in other areas, but the list of 219 appears petty in some cases (I hope KNCHR has the evidence to back each claim). No wonder ICC’s Merono Ocampo concluded that he is not bound by the Waki list, whose contents remain unknown to us. The list of 219 KNCHR released yesterday should raise a lot of eyebrows among Kenyans: Is every member of parliament from the rift valley of a criminal bent? Is every little politician from kenya’s most diverse and populous province a criminal? The list of 219 kind of says yes or most likely to both questions.

I have lived in the Rift Valley Province from noth to south, and I know that there a few loud mouths and tribalists (loud talk over land), but they are not scheming evil every day. The list kind of says that to be a successful politician in the rift valley, one must publicly hate somebody. If the named MPs from the province are that evil, why are they walking loose in a land in which the police force is known for remarkable efficiency? KNCHR should weed out non-criminal political loudmouths from its list. Second, supporters of politicians often take actions without the politicians, and loud tribalistic talk does not always lead to a riot months later? Kenyans have lived with blatant tribalism in employment for decades, and they have learnt to live with it without killing one another. KNCHR should give us the names of those who planned and financed political violence (politicians and all) during the 2007/2008 elections. That is all.

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