THE LUO DREAMERS’ ODYSSEY (A spiritual journey)

I am Author and Novelist Joseph R. Alila. In my seventh novel, THE LUO DREAMERS’ ODYSSEY: FROM THE SUDAN TO AMERICAN POWER, I present a narrative about a spiritual journey of the Luo of eastern Africa to America’s White House.  In this historical fiction, I have attempted to capture, in spirit, the historical perils of the Luo people in their spiritual journey from Egypt to the White House—a journey that takes 600 years, survives against incredible odds, and outlives many prophecies and dreams. This carefully crafted narrative starts with one Ajwang’ Opodho in the old Sudan to one Hassan Opodho in Kenya, onward to one President Hassan Ajwang’ (the man with the Luo Bead and the Podho’s Mark of Wisdom) in America. In this historical fiction and narrative, I visit with, and I am inspired by, the events that surrounded the infamous Luo Bead of Passion that caused the great schism in the old Sudan that lead to the dispersal of the Luo tribes throughout East and Central Africa. Part of my inspiration in writing this novel belongs with the current visibility of the Luo peoples with our man in the White House–a situation that demands that the Luo story be told by a Luo in a novel (fiction) that allows for creative liberty and overall readabilty without losing the essence of the story.
I hope that those reading this novel will realize that the timeless narrative in it is as much about a tortuous physical journey through time and space of the Luo peoples as it is about their spiritual passage to their earthly destinations. I have labored to make the point that religion or spirituality and life have always been one to the Luo throught their odyssey. In this novel, as in most of my novels, I have attempted to offer my readers an opportunity to glean into the Luo mind and psyche, and to experience the complex Luo political, cultural, spiritual, social and anthropological space.

Available from:  JRAlilaTheLuoDreamers'Odyssey



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