Rateng and BrideIn the epic poem RATENG’ AND BRIDE (A Poem) https://www.createspace.com/3346481, Joseph R Alila (Author of such novels as Whisper to My Aching Heart and Sunset on Polygamy) pleads with the hero, Rateng’, to abandon a lifelong ambition of reigning in a killer illusive Bride and redeeming his honor and Ramogi people’s collective pride. Of Rateng’s illusive Bride–call her Power, Leadership or The Presidency–Alila reminds his hero of her corrupting material allure and deadly charms. The poet’s cry is that, like a gem, a Powerful Presidency corrupts everybody it touches, and that its corrupting effects linger like the nauseating smell of a scared skunk.

 Employing rich imagery and proverbs, and never shy to go Luo vernacular with proverbs, in RATENG’ AND BRIDE, Alila has played his satirical hand, again, and demonstrated his knowledge of Kenya’s political landscape.


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