Who is President Barack Obama?

His is a Luo, Kenyan, Sudanese, Egyptian, Nilotic. Hear it from Philip Ochieng’, aLuo Linguist. According to Ochieng,’ to the strictly exogamus Luo, any person whose father is a Luo is 200% Luo. According to his historical analysis, President  Obama is the blood of Obama Sr a blood of Ogelo, a branch of Alego, a branch of Owiny (brother of Adhola, now Padhola of Uganda), son of Ramogi the Great (of Lira Uganda).

Read on.


For the historical drama that pushed the Kenyan Luo South, and left the Ugandan, Sudanese and Ethiopian Luo North read the historical fiction novel

THE LUO DREAMERS’ ODYSSEY (From the Sudan  to American Power)

by Joseph R. Alila.



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