TWOoRLandIn the Novel, THE WISE ONE OF RAMOGILAND, Joseph R. Alila addresses the role of spirituality in life and politics in a society under cultural and political transitions. In this work of fiction, Alila explores the work of a woman of wisdom (Nyangi), her Ramogi (Luo) people, their ways, their political leadership, and the perils of political cohabitation in a young multiethnic, multiparty democracy. Nyangi’s experiences remind the reader that modern religious dispensations might have robbed soothsayers and wizards of a lot of clients of the ordinary kind, but not the important ones: She discovers that the new political and business elites love to have a “sixth sense” watching over their backs. She is their “sixth sense.” Now, in her sunset years, she has been abused by the product of her labor—the corrupt politicians; she is abused by her longevity, and she is troubled by the unseemly conduct of her eldest son and heir-apparent (Thomas) whose ascendancy is long overdue.

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