President BarackĀ Obama’s books (“The Audacity of Hope,” and “Dreams from my Father”), are the work of a mind our contemporaries recognise as that of a man who came from unique circumstances and rose to be the leader of the world. The Election of President Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America means many things to different peoples: To African-Americans, he is a fulfilment of the Dream of Dr. King. To my LUO people of Kenya, he is their first President. To the world, he perhaps is the right medicine to a world divided and bedevilled by interracial, religious and ideological strifes.
He inherited world hungry for food and medicine; he took over a world at war; he is managing a world threatened with total economic collapse; he is soothing a world tittering on a new scramble for increasingly scarce resources.
Reading President Obama’s books (“The Audacity of Hope,” and “Dreams from my Father”), one has a reason to hope for the better from America, even though he is a product of a particular manner of governance.
The first book, “Dreams from My Father,” introduces Obama to the world, and must be judged as a “master stroke” in the art of political persuasion, even before his Red-Blue-States Speech of 2004.
In this first book, “Dreams from my Father,” Author Barack Obama, now President Barack Obama, tells the world this: this is me; this is how I was born; this is how I was raised; these are my beliefs and doubts; and this is what my journey has been, so far. By spilling out the cultural delicacies, including a cocktail of religious beliefs to have come his way–thanks to the mind of his inquisitive mother–; by admitting to havingĀ done all that is doable by a young man; by revealing that at one time his mother raised him on food stamps; by revealing that he struggled with questions about his race to the extent of even doubting himself and kin, Obama told the world in general, and America in particular this: I am not a perfect man; I know you; I am one of you; I understand your pain; I empathise with your daily struggles and doubts, even if you doubt my authenticity as an American, as an African, as a black man, as an African-American man, or as a Christian of Muslim ancestry.
According to the narrative in “Dreams from my Father,” what is missing in his life as a young man is his mythical Kenyan father, whom he sees once before Obama Sr dies. The title of the book is a cry of what his youth could have been: perhaps a less troublesome; having someone to talk to man-to-man. But this is only a dream, because one cannot choose his parents!


  1. now that is what i call a true president of United States of America here.
    Barack Obama.He has done a marvellous job for the Global Meltdown
    really and still in the carrying forward of the true legacy of the
    president Obama is doing some other things which he will be bringing
    forward in his next meeting in the White House Washington D.C


  2. Barack Obama is one of my old favorites as US president here.
    He knows what he is doing for the welfare of his country and state.
    He will improve the job situation in the present scenario in the
    united states of america.Things are on the improving front really
    now they will go on the improving now the deck is clear.
    I am really very happy with his rule Obama is doing great guns
    for USA now.I know he will improve the Economic Meltdown completely.


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