When a poor orphan (Charles Milayi) excels in his placement examinations out of middle school, he becomes a beneficiary of a secret hand of providence only known to Father James O’Kilghor (a White Priest). As the story unfolds, Father James O’Kilghor finds himself weighed down by the secret as he ministers to bigoted members of two African sub-clans (Jamokos and Milayis), who are locked in a century-old, spiritual cold war in which bigotry and pride are lived and served cold in every verbal discourse. In “THE MILAYI CURSE,” Joseph Alila (the Author of “Sunset on Polygamy”) poses a fundamental spiritual and moral question: Should Father O’Kilghor publicly have revealed the secret to demonstrate to his bigoted Parishioners the good-heartedness of David Jamoko, the man who crossed the deep clan-divide to secretly sponsor a Milayi boy (Charles) at a time when his own son (Thomas) could not manage to graduate out of middle school?


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