Kenya is in President Obama’s cross airs. Obama will be visiting Africa (Egypt and Ghana) without stepping into Kenya, one of his ancestral homes, because Kenya is in political disorder. There are endless squabbles between Primiere Raila’s ODM and President Kibaki’s PNU. Once again President Kikwete is in the picture, receiving news from Washington to Nairobi. At issue is tackling rampant corruption, and completion of constitutional reforms mandated under Anna’s watch early 2008. Both ODM and PNU are dancing around the matter with each side proposing dissimilar constitutional changes. ODM is pushing for a Parliamentary System of Government lead by a Prime Minister. PNU now prefers a hybrid in which the President is paramount, with the Prime Minister supervising the government. Because of PNU-ODM schism, Kenya has no Leader of Government Business—a role the Speaker of the National Assembly currently plays. Likewise Kenya has no permanent electoral body. In the background is a shaky Somalia that shares an unstable border with Kenya; something that worries world security experts, and Americans in particular.
Can President Obama’s America push Kenyan leaders to embrace government reforms?

JR Alila Obama, Kikwete secret talks on Kenya.

Rateng and Bride
Read Rateng’ and Bride (by Joseph R. Alila) for insight into the elements of tribe and class in Kenyan politics.


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