In this novel, I have attempted to offer a commentary on the struggles of a Christian congregation in spiritual crisis. In the process, I have attempted to visit what lies beneath our ready smiles and words of greeting, and peek into the darker sides to our hearts. In this novel, the sins of prejudice and hate, nurtured by affluence, race, poor elder leadership and a hands-off-Pastoral style, threaten the very purpose of a Church–which is to foster love and a harmonious existence and to breed empathy among its membership. The key moral and spiritual lesson is that bad church leadership breeds poor churches.


By Joseph R. Alila

Genre: Christian Fiction


2 thoughts on “SINS OF OUR HEARTS

  1. I TOO still would rightfully rather see pastor first live a sermon instead of too often now merely preach it to others and I really do think it is so farcical how some sinfully, proud evangelical pastors are ready to condemn others, to gossip about, to now preach about the other person’s sins but someone how they can’t seem to deal with their own false abuse of others, their own sins, and their own false pride..

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