I posted a preview at this link https://www.createspace.com/Preview/THE LUO DREAMERS’ ODYSSEY–From the Sudan to American Power)
I have had two reactions (reviews) at opposite ends of the scale. I am looking for more Frank Analysis.

The posted material are Chapters (in development) of a historical fiction Novel on the historical event of our time—the election of a Black President of the United States of America. I wear various hats on this matter: I am a Luo like my character’s Kenyan ancestors, writing from the historical journey the Luo started in the Sudan-putting oral history in words, of course with a creative instinct of “the how,” embelishing facts, creating and painting scenes with a cultural brush.
One person has told me that the Rise of the New Leader has been told by him in better English than mine, and must be left alone. But I say no. Without the Luo cultural experience, his first person narrative may have lacked a cultural prism, moreover I have started my character’s journey in the Sudan, 600 years ago, when a little boy saw my charater’s ascendancy coming in a dream of “a sunrise in the west,”—a constant theme in this story. I also have weaved in the story of “the Luo Bead of Passion,” and the Birthmark, which have exchanged hands between consequencial men in my character’s Luo ancestry, and how they followed him into the White House. This is Fiction.

Join the debate. How difficult is it to write fictional stuff about people who are bigger than life?


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